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#64 Ocean graphic bug assigned cameni defect major
#109 When I set the game to full screen it crashes to desktop assigned cameni defect major 0.7.15
#115 Game hangs, freezes a few second when using move object tool at certain conditions. new defect major 0.7.15
#120 Game UI shaking vertically/cut off when in fullscreen. new defect major 0.7.15
#121 Mouse clicking and windows fuctions unusable - Connecting Device new defect major 0.7.15
#123 Fullscreen - Screen resolution/refresh new defect major 0.8.0
#125 Crash when selecting excessively long roads. Roads glitched at excessive length, and can't expand them any further. new defect major 0.8.0
#128 Outerra crashes when upgrading to new defect major 0.8.0
#54 Mouse wheel zoom in cockpit views accepted angrypig enhancement minor
#59 Joystick POV Hatswitch (Plane/Heli/Car) accepted angrypig enhancement minor
#60 Interactive changing time of day accepted cameni enhancement minor
#66 Additional PNG texture format accepted angrypig enhancement minor
#71 Road Editor Rate of Height Change Limiter new enhancement minor
#80 Add Toggle Topographical Overlay implemented enhancement minor
#82 Mouse Scroll Wheel rolls too many items in UI new defect minor
#83 Reduce LoD 'Pop-In' Effect Through Fading accepted cameni enhancement minor
#85 Grass Stretching Effect On Artifical Hills accepted cameni defect minor
#87 Auto-Login option new enhancement minor
#91 Disappearing Cursor assigned angrypig defect minor
#93 Tools only use default movement keys assigned angrypig defect minor
#98 Customizable White Balance new enhancement minor
#102 Shade Background of On-screen Display Values new enhancement minor
#112 save last import directory new enhancement minor 0.7.15
#113 Issue with craters filled with water new defect minor 0.7.15
#114 Road tool not changing road type after laying out the spline. new defect minor 0.7.15
#117 Autologin feature new enhancement minor 0.7.15
#122 Un-removable terrain leveler generated road new defect minor 0.7.15
#126 Logitech RumblePad 2 POV switches log new defect minor 0.8.0
#127 Mirror reflection in Mig 29 false/not accurate new defect minor 0.8.0
#129 Screenshots do not respect custom path new defect minor 0.8.0
#130 Hud altitude in feet is 10x too low new defect minor 0.8.1
#131 US Coast Guard boat floats above the water new defect minor
#132 Top menu bar periodically becomes inactive new defect minor
#50 Adding the date in the news panel accepted cameni enhancement trivial
#70 Zoom Key (Temp FOV lowering) accepted cameni enhancement trivial
#77 Bindable Restart key new enhancement trivial
#79 Adding a wing man cam new enhancement trivial
#94 Artificial Horizon Flickers And Dissappears assigned angrypig defect trivial
#99 Automatic Texture Blurring at Speed. new enhancement trivial
#106 Z-Depth and Velocity pass export (Request) new enhancement trivial 0.7.13
#107 disable the output to a file in the method 'log_inf' new enhancement trivial 0.7.13
#108 Black Box Around Tatra At Night new defect trivial 0.7.13
#118 Feature Request: Anchor mode for boats new enhancement trivial 0.7.15
#119 Anteworld should mute sound when not in focus. new enhancement trivial 0.7.15
#133 Tatra's reverse needs two clicks to toggle it instead of one new defect trivial
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