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Z-Depth and Velocity pass export (Request)

Reported by: deathevor Owned by:
Priority: trivial Component: Anteworld / Outerra tech demo
Version: 0.7.13 Keywords: Z-Depth
Cc: Graphics card series: NV-400
Driver version: Operating system: Win7


As suggested by Cameni, I'm putting this here:

Would be nice to have Z-Depth and Velocity pass export (Video and Screenshots) together with RGB.

This data can be used for post production in videos/films.

Outerra is great for making backdrops and even full CG shots,
due to it's LOD system and already existing geo-data.

Some ideas discussed with Cameni here-;topicseen


1)(Important) Would be great to have Camera movement (+FOV) export as 3D Max script.
2) (helpful) Placeholder coordinates - Ground surface grid (plane) export to 3D max for object placement reference as well as matte/shadow plane (Low or adjustable resolution grid, relative to camera).

All this gives more than enough data for CG shot creation and compositing.

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