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Game UI shaking vertically/cut off when in fullscreen.

Reported by: Evildropbear Owned by:
Priority: major Component: Anteworld / Outerra tech demo
Version: 0.7.15 Keywords:
Cc: Graphics card series: ATI-7000
Driver version: 13.9 Operating system: Win8


My system:
Windows 8.1
GPU: 7870XT
Dual Monitors (main Monitor is on the right @ 1080p)

When I start up the game in fullscreen @ 1080p, the UI elements (login & ingame GUI) shake vertically, and game is cutoff at the left and top of the screen by about 15 pixels.

Disabling my second monitor did not affect the issue.
Enabling wnd_hide_titlebar did not affect the issue.
Disabling DPI scaling did not affect the issue.

Running the game in fullscreen @ 1680x1050 works ok.
Windowed mode works ok.

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I should mention I am running Outerra
The highest version I could select in the ticket was 0.7.15

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