Oct 5, 2012:

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Sep 30, 2012:

8:20 PM Ticket #96 (Water shader bug) created by lookastdu
I think that video will show that problem the best: …

Sep 11, 2012:

5:57 PM Ticket #95 (Ability to rotate static object on all Axis') created by ZeosPantera
Spinning around on the horizontal will not be good enough now that the …
3:30 PM Ticket #69 (Can spawn vehicles with keys before load finished) closed by cameni
3:30 PM Ticket #75 (Silent Engine While Reversing) closed by cameni

Sep 9, 2012:

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Sep 8, 2012:

5:46 PM Ticket #94 (Artificial Horizon Flickers And Dissappears) created by Abc94
The artificial horizon flickers and then usually disappears for …

Sep 7, 2012:

3:04 PM Ticket #93 (Tools only use default movement keys) created by ZeosPantera
When using the road tool or the object tool the movement keys I …
2:48 AM Ticket #92 (F2 Does Not Close Location Menu) created by Abc94
The location menu can be opened with F2, but it cannot be closed with …
2:41 AM Ticket #91 (Disappearing Cursor) created by Abc94
I found a couple of ways to make the cursor disappear while in the …
1:19 AM Ticket #90 (FPS Slows To A Crawl After Making Road (? ATI 4000)) created by Abc94
After any time I make any length of road, my FPS perminatly goes and …
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