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How can i spawn static objects?

Press escape and click at the position where do you want to spawn the object. You will see a small cross at this point. Then you can spawn the object by clicking the Place button in the objects tab.


What do I get if I buy the Alpha?

First of all, you gain access to all the vehicles/capabilities of the engine. Also, you get the game, when it's released, for free!

Will Outerra be ported to Mac and Linux?

Yes, it is planned.

Will Outerra be converted to 64bit?

Yes, probably in the near future. It will be done, eventually.

Where does Outerra store my user data?

Outerra saves your user data by default at C:\Users\<Your Account Name>\Outerra.

How can i delete roads and static objects?

To delete all roads and placed static objects, just delete the object directory in C:\Users\<Your Account Name>\Outerra\cache\earth.

If you want to delete just a part of the roads and for any reason it's not possible to do it via the road editor, you can do it by following somewhat more complicated process.

  • edit eng.cfg and find debug_keys entry, set it to true
  • after launching the game afterwards, go to the location where you want to delete the roads or objects, and press alt i
  • a debug info will show up on terrain, with one of the entries being a path in the form +y/64/74/64/00
  • find the path in OT data directory under cache/earth/object/...
  • delete the files with roads and/or objects found there

Where can i find the eng.cfg, world.cfg, eng.log?

Configuration and log files are stored at your user's data directory, the default being C:\Users\<Your Account Name>\Outerra.

Where`s the moon?

Its not yet here. It will come, eventualy.

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