wiki:Hardware Support


How do I calibrate my contoller(s)?
On the main Outerra menu, click "Controllers"
All the controls and their respectful value areas are listed there.
Click with the mouse in the value area (for the function you want to map), it changes color to something reddish, and then you move the axis you want there in the direction you want.

Axes reset after update
-Unplug all joysticks
-Delete the "devs" folder in your data directory (C:\Outerra\Anteworld\devs)
-Run outerra.exe and plug in the controller(s)
-Try re-configuring the controller(s)


That could mean that the iomap.cfg file is not written to disk successfully. That can happen because the app crashes earlier than it manages to write the changed configuration, or that outerra.exe doesn't have sufficient privileges to write the file.
Please check your UAC settings.([[BR]]

Can I use my Joystick`s hat switch to look around?
Not yet.

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