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Various Tools

Alt+m and Alt+s Occulus Rift mode
Ctrl+p Flight path recorder
Ctrl+F4 Recorder
Ctrl+F7 FBX importer
Alt+F5 Shader editor
Alt+c Command console (not the same as "p" key)
Alt+F8 Reload Cubemap (environnemental reflexions)
Alt+F11 Reduce exposure

WIP/Incomplete Features

Alt+e and Alt+s Spawn cubes (not working : they are missing on the public version directory)
Ctrl+k New spawn menu

Terrain Tools

Alt+t Disable vegetation
Alt+i Display geographic coordinates on ground texture
Alt+n Elevation map. Repeat to toggle between various modes
n Display terrain grid. Repeat to toggle between various modes

Debug Monitors

Alt+1 Render tasks stats
Alt+2 Gpu times
Alt+3 Textures stats
Alt+4 Sounds monitor
Alt+5 Tiles monitor
Alt+6 Memory tracker
Alt+7 Models monitor
Ctrl+F12 Show fps

Secret hidden Features

Alt+v Basic night vision mode (warning : full green screen during day!)
Ctrl+i Basic thermal vision mode


Outerra includes many debug tools, but they are well hidden for normal user. For enabling them, you need to go into your eng.cfg (yourname/outerra/eng.cfg). Search for the "debug_keys" line and set the value to "true".