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Various Tools

Alt+m and Alt+s Occulus Rift mode
Ctrl+p Flight path recorder
Ctrl+F4 Recorder
Ctrl+F7 FBX importer
Alt+F5 Shader editor
Alt+c Command console (not the same as "p" key)
Alt+F8 Reload Cubemap (environnemental reflexions)
Alt+F11 Reduce exposure
Alt+f Freeze rendering

WIP/Incomplete Features

Alt+e and Alt+s Spawn cubes (not working : they are missing on the public version directory)
Ctrl+k New spawn menu

Terrain Tools

Alt+t Disable vegetation
Alt+i Display geographic coordinates on ground texture
Alt+n Elevation map. Repeat to toggle between various modes
n Display terrain grid. Repeat to toggle between various modes

Debug Monitors

Alt+1 Render tasks stats
Alt+2 Gpu times
Alt+3 Textures stats
Alt+4 Sounds monitor
Alt+5 Tiles monitor
Alt+6 Memory tracker
Alt+7 Models monitor
Ctrl+F12 Show fps

Secret hidden Features

Alt+v Basic night vision mode (warning : full green screen during day!)
Ctrl+i Basic thermal vision mode

Console Features

.bind <var> <interface> Bind Javascript variable to an interface
.print <expr> Print a JSON-formatted result of expression
.load <script_path> Load and execute script from given path
.runstable <stmt> Run given statement each frame in which the terrain is fully refined. Used to capture videos without jitter and transient glitches etc
.stop Stop invocation of .runstable


Outerra includes many debug tools, but they are well hidden for normal user. For enabling them, you need to go into your eng.cfg (yourname/outerra/eng.cfg). Search for the "debug_keys" line and set the value to "true".