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vehicle_params structure

Vehicle parameters are returned in the init_chassis() method.

General parameters

property description defaults
mass vehicle mass [kg] 1000 kg
com center of mass displacement [float3,m]
displacement in model space, for example com:{z:0.6} shifts the center 0.6m up from the model pivot
{x:0,y:0,z:0} (model pivot)
steering wheel steering speed when using keyboard [half range per sec] default: 1.2
steering_ecf speed [km/h] at which the steering angle is reduced by 60% default: 50
centering wheel centering speed when using keyboard [half range per sec] default: 0.9
centering_ecf speed [km/h] when the centering acts at 60% already default: 40

Effective steering angle is reduced with vehicle speed by exp(-kmh/steering_threshold). Wheel auto-centering speed depends on the vehicle speed by 1-exp(-kmh/centering_threshold), e.g with higher speed the wheel centers faster.

Watercraft parameters

Used for boats/ships and amphibious vehicles only.

property description defaults
Cx drag coefficients in model-space dimensions
x: sidewise drag coefficient
y: forward drag coefficient
z: vertical drag coefficient
w:relative angular coefficient (adjusts the computed angular damping)
x:1.2, y:0.1, z:1.2, w:0.9 (boats)
x:1.2, y:0.4, z:1.2, w:0.9 (vehicles)
hydro_offset vertical offset above the center of mass forward axis, where the hydrostatic force is applied (stabilizing effect) 1.0 m
hydro_uplift front-lifting force proportional to the current speed and draft 0.0 N per m/s (when submerged up to h1)
hydro_w width of the volume width of model bounding box
hydro_l length of the volume length of model bounding box
hydro_h1 height of the skewed part 0.0 m
hydro_h2 total height of the volume height of model bounding box
hydro_volcoef closed volume coefficient (0..1)
Tells how much of the volume contributes to the buoyancy
1.0 if hydro_h2 was specified
0.0 otherwise

Note: if hydro_volcoef is not specified or is 0.0, the hydrostatic forces are not computed, but the speed loss from drag still is.

See vehicle